Real Estate FAQ

What are the monthly fees?

Monthly fees are dependant on what avenue you choose when purchasing at The Gables.

Should you go the short-term rental condominium route monthly fees include: cable, Wifi, local telephone, lawn care etc. in order to ensure your guests are having the most enjoyable vacation!

If you choose the residential route your monthly fees will be determined by the Home Owner’s Association. Fees will cover roadways, trail systems and common areas.

Who will manage my rental property?

The Gables of PEI offers a full service professional rental management company on site, including a Gables Golf Program as well. 

What can I expect as a return from my short term rental unit? 

Most owners of short term rental properties at The Gables purchase to utilize the unit as personal vacation use throughout the year whenever the opportunity arrises. Most of the buyers realize that the rental income will generally offset most of the expenses, but will not usually produce a profit, nor even cover all of the expenses involved. This is particularly true if the property is financed and mortgage interests become a substantial portion of the expenses.

I am interested in new construction, must I choose from a list of renderings?

The Gables of PEI has an inventory of renderings however, you may customize your design to build your vacation property or home. All properties must adhere to the restrictive covenants.